Certification program for Organization Design Professionals (CODP)

In the CODP program we endorse individual organization design professionals that meet our global set of requirements for certification. 

Criteria for certification:

As an organization design professional, you can become certified if you meet a set of criteria divided into education and practice - both criteria are estimated based on your achievements through the past two years.

Education is evaluated based on a set amount of units that must be gathered through organization design courses, conferences and the like. 

Practice is evaluated based on a set amount hours (25 % of the average work week) that the applicant must have been either 1) teaching organization design relevant subjects, or 2) consulting on/executing organization design projects. 

Applications will be evaluated by a review committee consisting of leading academics and practitioners, representing the three partner organizations: 

  • Michael Gold, Principal, Gold Standard Consulting (representing ODF).
  • Børge Obel, Professor - ICOA, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University (representing ODC).
  • Charles Snow, Professor Emeritus - Penn State Smeal College of Business (Representing ODC).
  • Thomas Döring, Partner, The HPO Global Alliance (representing EODF).

How to apply: 

The Certification program for Organization Design Professionals is developed and managed jointly by the Organizational Design Community (ODC), Organization Design Forum (ODF), and the European Organisation Design Forum (EODF).

You can apply for certification by completing an application form available for download on this site. Available for download is also the Certification Handbook which contains information on the exact criteria, terms and conditions and payment process for the certification. 

The cost of certification 300 USD of which 200 USD is a non-refundable application fee and 100 USD is the price for the certificate and additional benefits if the application is approved by the review committee.


Submit the application via e-mail to: orgdesign.endorsement@gmail.com

Application are reviewed quarterly. The next deadline for submission is August 1st 2021.

Certified Organization Design Professionals are registered in the CODP directory:


Please contact us if you have further questions related to the CODP Program: orgdesign.endorsement@gmail.com

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