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The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the Organizational Design Community (ODC) are pleased to announce the year long “Organizing for Good” campaign launching in April 2021.  

The ODC came together a decade ago as a community of globally reputed researchers and practitioners in the field. This year they celebrate their tenth anniversary of founding by taking on an inspirational mission for the community- how can organization design thinking help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)? The ODC is particularly excited to be tackling this mission in collaboration with the UNHCR- an agency whose mandate spans nearly all of the SDG’s. 

Of course, management researchers and practitioners have already produced much excellent work that pertains to societal objectives such as those captured in the SDG’s. It’s a myth that management is all about corporations and the profit motive. It is about organizations, whatever their objectives might be. The Organizing for Good” campaign aims to highlight, curate and stimulate research and practice in the area of organization design that can be useful to further the UN’s SDG’s.

Several track chairs from the ODC have already stepped up to lead webinars and social media campaigns. We hope you will join us in this year-long series of events- and bring your best ideas and energy to the discussions! 

 Upcoming Events 

Developing Sustainable Communities (26th August, 2021): Dorthe Dojbak Hakonsson 

Steering committee for "Organizing for Good"

Joel Nielsen                                             Borge Obel                                                     Phanish Puranam

    (UNHCR)                                  (Aarhus University and ODC)                                  (INSEAD and ODC) 

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