Minimum requirements and process of ODC Accreditation

Process of Accreditation

The course provider contacts the ODC Principal Office via e-mail. The ODC Principal Office sends application instructions to the course provider. The course provider must provide answers to a questionnaire and supporting materials that document the provider’s course and instructor(s).

Application materials are reviewed by a Review Board consisting of five members: 3 leading academics and 2 highly experienced executives within the field of organization design. Current members of the Review Board:
  • Charles Snow, Professor Emeritus - Penn State Smeal College of Business (Representing ODC).
  • Paul Wayne, Senior Advisor in Organization Design, Chevron Corporation (Representing ODC).
  • Richard Burton, Professor Emeritus - Duke University: The Fuqua School of Business (Representing ODC). 
  • Stuart Wigham, Director - Wigham Consultancy Services Ltd. (Representing EODF).
  • Wendy Bowers, Managing Principal - Bowers Consulting (Representing ODF).

Once the Review Board has evaluated the application, the decision made by the Review Board on whether a course provider is certified will go through an awarding body before the accreditation or rejection is final. 

The applicant will receive one of three possible decisions: Accept the application as is, revise the application as directed and resubmit, or reject the application. 

The course provider receives a decision from ODC within two months.

The accreditation is valid for 3 years.

Send us an e-mail to request the application package and begin your accreditation process now:

Apply for certification

Requirements for Accreditation

To receive the ODC accreditation an organization design course/workshop must live up to a set of requirements. These criteria have been carefully developed jointly by leading academics and practitioners within the field of organization design. Furthermore, the Organizational Design Community worked closely with several course providers when developing the minimum core requirements that must be met in order for an organization design course or workshop to be accredited by ODC.

The minimum core requirements are centered around the main categories:

  • Design Concepts and Principles
  • Design Types
  • Redesign and Change
The full list of minimum requirements within these main categories contains 22 items - all of which must be treated in the organization design program. 

The organization design course/workshop is further evaluated on parameters such as length of the program, quality of the course materials, the experience of the instructor team etc.

All information about the criteria for accreditation (including the extensive list of minimum core requirements) is listed in the Accreditation Handbook. 

Contact us to request the handbook. 


The ODC Accreditation has a set cost. In addition to the set cost, a small fee must be paid per participant completing the ODC accredited program. 

Contact us for more information.

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